Lantern Brewing

Brilliant Beer for Enlightened Drinkers

938 N 95th St Seattle, WA, 98103

Tasting Room Th-Fri 4-10, Sat 2-10pm, Sun 2-9pm

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Lantern Brewing

is a small brewery in North Seattle with a vast love for the world of brewing. We are bona fide craft beer brewers - small, independent, locally owned and operated, and we brew authentic, traditional beer with intent, passion, and soul.

Washington's best ingredients

We proudly use Washington grains, malts, fruits, vegetables and hops to make our beer. We stand in support of local growers and producers and work tirelessly to ensure local beer remains part of the local economy

Tradition is Everything

The brewing traditions of what is now modern-day Belgium & France influence everything we do, from preparation and ingredient selection through brewing and fermentation, to aging and barrel techniques, and much, much more. We combine the best of Washington ingredients with Old World know-how to make uniquely delicious beer that reflects the best of both worlds.

We believe in Washington beer

Beer has always been a transformative and revolutionary force, and beer can make the world a better place. We thank you for choosing Washington first and for choosing Lantern Brewing beer!

Cheers! À la vôtre! Proost!

Chris Engdahl & Lori Engdahl - Owners, Lantern Brewing